Fine Art Photography
My Background Born in the UK in 1972.   In January 2000 I went on a one year trip to Australia. Ten disposable camera's later and I bought my first film camera. After dropping that first camera in a lake I stepped up to an SLR type film camera. The creative control this camera gave, inspired me to go beyond just documenting locations, it allowed me to capture the world as I saw it. The nature and expense of shooting with film meant that I would only slowly improve my skill level. With the advent of digital photography and it removing many restraints of film, my imagination could soar, allowing me to experiment to a level never before possible. Sometime in 2005 I saw images of New Zealand and was photographically drawn to it. All of 2006 was spent travelling some 9 countries in the direction of New Zealand, finally arriving with only a few hundred dollars and the thoughts of having to end an amazing journey by returning to England.
My Inspiration My inspiration comes from many sources, it can be a spark of an idea out of nowhere, something relatively mundane that my slightly twisted mind builds upon, or it may just be something I come across whilst walking the streets or on a hike.
The day I arrived in Wellington I immediatly fell in love with the place and did whatever it took for immigration to allow me to stay. I have been based here ever since, feeding off the constant inspiration that this amazing country provides.